Thursday, June 27 • 15:00 - 16:30
The social-cultural pillar: engaging communities in fisheries management.

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*panel description and paper abstracts in attachment
Chaired by: Wingren, I. & Autzen, M.H.

The social-cultural pillar: engaging communities in fisheries management
Ida Wingren & Mathilde Højrup Autzen

For decades, social scientists have studied the cultural and social aspects of coastal fishing communities and how these are essential for the continuation of locally-based, small-scale fisheries (and vice versa). In recent regulatory documents, socio-cultural sustainability is often linked to small-scale fisheries, but in practice fisheries management is generally dominated by market-based principles and technocratic solutions that often work to the detriment of small-scale fisheries and local fishing communities. If regulatory frameworks are to take seriously the social and cultural aspects that they ostensibly want to encourage, they need to be changed. As social and cultural aspects can rarely be quantified and generalised, they call for flexible regulations that operate on a local and regional level. As such regulations are a rarity, coastal communities have had to develop various survival strategies and initiatives focused on everything from management of resources to market- and product development. In this panel, we make space for both case-studies that display alternative local solutions incorporating social and cultural aspects of sustainability - and more general empirical and/or theoretical discussions of the challenges relating to the need of contextual solutions when aiming to integrate social-cultural sustainability. Panel contributors and attendees are invited to think about to what degree different local initiatives succeed in creating long-term sustainable solutions and why? What do we know about the challenges facing managers in integrating social sustainability and what research is needed to inform such a move?

Panel contributors and proposed paper titles:

"Still missing? Communities in fisheries management"
Svein Jentoft

“Fishing for solutions: how can community economies theory and practices contribute to sustainable fishing?”
Milena Schreiber

“When economic growth does not deliver: fishing community-based experiments for rural development in Sweden”
Sebastian Linke

"Harmonization at the costs of context-orientation- framing and scaling the crisis in Swedish Baltic Sea fisheries”
Ida Wingren

"Reorienting social sustainability in eco-labelling to an industrial North small-scale fishing context”
Mathilde Højrup Autzen


Kevin St. Martin
Alyne Delaney

Thursday June 27, 2019 15:00 - 16:30
REC A2.06 Roeters Eiland Complex, University of Amsterdam